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February 9, 2014 by alinedecat

Hi guys!

So, less than a week left before Valentine’s day, and since I have no derby wife (yet?), here is what I will do: thanks to, I will randomly offer the following package of awesome items to one of you.


#1: Rollerbones Lipstick Tank Top – Black

Of course, Rollerbones is well-known for its famous range of great wheels (hello Turbo), but it is also worth mentionning the really cool apparel they offer.

Amongst other cool designs, my favorite is definitely the lipstick tank top. I love the black one, but it also comes in white.

Why I love it? Well first of all, it’s an American Apparel 100% combed cotton tank top, and you know how quality material is important when you know you’ll wash it loads of times.

Then there is the length. I’m 5.8 ft and I hate it so much when the tops I love barely reach my belt! This one looks like it was made for truck and trailering in dignity. The size is L, but the combed cotton makes is pretty stretchy.

And then finally, you gotta love the New York Dolls reference here! Seriously, how cool is that!


(or maybe it was Jerry Nolan who was referring to roller derby?)

#2: Shwings Pink Neon Shoe Wings

If you haven’t heard about the Shwings, you probably have moved to Mars already.

These little guys are the icing on the cake of roller derby skates. Who has never dreamed of having Jeremy Scott-ish winged boots like Hermes and litterally fly over the track?

OK, they won’t make you actually fly. But it’s still fun to pretend, right?

Come on, admit it: the hardest part is to pick a color, I mean just one color, but after all, who says you have to?

#3: Blackland Rockin’K-Rollers Sport Beanie

Yes, good things come in threes, and I am very happy to add my very own and beloved league’s beanie.

How can you win this batch? 

Two options:

First, follow my blog. All followers make a chance to win.

Second, go to my facebook page and share this post (don’t forget to make it public and to share it from MY post on MY page).

If you do both, you’ll make twice more chances 😉

Winner (aka my Valentine) will be picked on Valentine’s day at 8pm (GMT+1)

Good luck!



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I'm Aline Decat #61, skater for Gotham Girls Roller Derby and Team Belgium Roller Derby. I am also coach for Track Advantage - coaching company and I founded the Blackland Rockin'K-Rollers and Europe's first junior league, the Blackland Teenage Terrors.

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